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Björn Ekegren

Björn Ekegren is a Swedish sculptor, glass artist and painter living in Höganäs, Skåne in Sweden, where he also has his studio. Between 1970 and 1993 Björn Ekegren painted and produced primarily aquarelles and lithographies in a naturalistic, almost impressionistic style, where light and atmosphere were important in conveying the shifting seasons. After educating himself on glass molding techniques Björn Ekegren turned to sculpturing. His primary medium is sand cast glass, but also bronze.

The sculptures bridge the disparate art glass traditions and influences to create a unique form of expression. Often they carry the shapes of faces and statues - meditative, sacral and worshipping of freedom. Björn Ekegren’s sand casting technique is reminiscent of the one used by the Egyptians 2000 years ago. The colours, such as blue, turquoise and ochre, are inspired by the Mediterranean.

The sculptures are primarily produced in Björn Ekegren's own studio and at glassworks in Småland, a province in southern Sweden with a long heritage of creating art glass. At the glassworks, Björn Ekegren has several masters at his assistance.


Björn Ekegren has displayed his work at several galleries and exhibitions around the US, Europe and Asia.


+46 (0)70 717 68 87